Standpoint Technologies

Simple, configurable software applications designed to solve complex business processes!

Who We Are

Standpoint Technologies was founded in 2000 by Jeff Carter and Gary Herron. They shared a vision: to simplify and lower the cost of building web-based business applications. This goal was achieved with the creation of VersaIT, a rapid application development and hosting platform.

Standpoint Technologies began by developing software for other companies, but now we have our own full-fledge products, JobPro and FieldServio, that we maintain and support in addition to our other services. These products have found success with field service companies trying to remove overlapping redundancies and inefficient bottlenecks that negatively impact their field service productivity. Such companies include commercial and distribution operations, such as air components, construction, and fleet maintenance industries. We are continuously looking to expand our products' reach.

What We Do

At Standpoint Technologies we adhere to the Software-as-a-Service delivery and support model. This delivery model provides consistent, relevant software, while giving teams system access anywhere, anytime from any device or computer with a browser. No additional applications are needed (though we do provide apps for apple products), and everything can be accessed in a web browser.

Our VersaIT provides a powerful set of pre-built, configurable web components and the platform to tie these components together in a customized fashion to create robust, flexible web based applications. Security controls, user interfaces, flexible database structures, reporting, external system interfaces; VersaIT handles the details that lead to effective business enhancing web based applications. This means that we can develop a product to suit your needs and modifiy it along the way as you streamline your workflow. Our products adapt to your desired workflow rather than forcing you to adapt to it!

Additionally we continue to work on and support JobPro and FieldServio to make them fit our client's needs and make them the best products possible.