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About Standpoint Technologies

Standpoint Technologies was founded in 2000 with a simple vision, to build efficient web based software that would streamline our customers business processes.  Our initial business partners were experts across a wide spectrum of industries.  We partnered with these customers to develop successful software in the field service management, construction contracting, restaurant management, event management, insurance, and education industries.  

In our most recent achievement we've rolled out one of our most successful products, FieldServio as a full SAAS ERP system.  We've found widespread success across different industries in the field service arena by eliminating workflow redundancies and optimizing business efficiency.  


We've come a long way since our beginnings, but our guiding methodology has always remained the same, our users are the ultimate experts and authority on the direction and needs of our software.  This mindset keeps our software evergreen, constantly changing and adapting to the real world demands of your business.  We take immense pride in our motto, "Customer Driven Software." 

Our strength is our strong partnerships with customers and we promise to always develop our products to deliver the most value to them.  


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