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Our Leadership Team


Jeff Carter 

President - Founder

Jeff brings decades of business and software  experience to the team.  He's founded and worked for numerous software companies in the banking and field service worlds.  He has a deep passion for interacting directly with customers and providing solutions that optimize their business.



Robin Reavis

President - JobPro Technology

Robin has led the development and sales to guide the product into what it is today.  He has decades of experience successfully selling and guiding product development.


Robbie Elting

Chief Technology Officer

Robbie is the resident expert on all technical aspects of product development.  This technical background is paired with deep business knowledge gained from his years working hand in hand with the field service industry.


Andrew Oliver

Product and Support Manager 

JobPro Technology

Andrew is the expert for all aspects of JobPro.  He has deep technical knowledge gained from years in technical support working directly with customers.   

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